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Zenko Foundation – Ukrainian foundation supporting and developing contemporary arts and culture in Ukraine. Zenko Foundation was established in 2015 upon the initiative of married couple Yana and Zenko Aftanaziv. The main goal of the foundation is the development and support of Ukrainian contemporary arts and culture. Its priorities include:

  • an exhibition program of contemporary arts in wide-scale national and international projects;
  • raising awareness of a wide audience about Ukrainian contemporary arts at home and abroad;
  • intercultural collaborations in culture and arts;
  • educational activities in culture field through distribution and provision of open access to printed publications and online materials about Ukrainian artists and artistic processes in our country.

The main art space of the foundation is located on the territory of Koruna hotel complex in Tatariv. For cultural decentralization of contemporary Ukrainian artistic movement the foundation supports art projects in different cities of Ukraine.

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Inclusion of Ukrainian contemporary art projects in cultural events

Increasing the interest of wide audience in Ukrainian contemporary art is a priority task for the foundation. Zenko Foundation believes that the art should go beyond museums and galleries. With this aim in mind, Zenko Foundation supports the inclusion of contemporary art in cultural events not associated with exhibition spaces directly.

Zenko Foundation departments and educational activities

An affiliate of Zenko Foundation is Zenko Gallery established in 2016 as an experimental platform enabling artists who haven’t yet been recognized publicly but have original outlook and expressive technique, to speak out. The activities of the gallery in Ukraine are directed at the search for new talents among young Ukrainian artists and curators. Another task of the gallery is presenting the works of Ukrainian artists at international and Ukrainian art fairs and auctions. Zenko Gallery presents its own projects exhibited in different cities of Ukraine.

Except exhibitions, the gallery does online work, publishing reports on completed art projects with the involvement of both its own and international media platforms.

The work of the foundation also includes the following: a publishing program aiming to raise awareness about Ukrainian art process among Ukrainian and international audiences; development of web portal where information about Zenko Foundation collection is readily available; and also a range of important reference materials about contemporary arts in Ukraine.

Cultural diplomacy

Zenko Foundation actively supports international communications in culture and arts. In our opinion, such cooperation forms a positive image of the country, increases interest in Ukrainian contemporary culture and helps the development of cultural diplomacy.

In 2017, the foundation organized several important visits of significant global culture centers representatives to Ukraine.

Zenko Foundation collection of contemporary art

Zenko Foundation collection has over 400 works of Ukrainian contemporary artists. The foundation deems it necessary to provide open access to the works in its collection. To do this, the foundation provides paintings and art objects for exhibiting in art projects.

Social responsibility

Zenko Foundation reacts to social problems in contemporary society and considers it efficient to turn attention of the public to such problems through socially oriented artistic campaigns and projects. The Foundation supports selected social projects with artistic component and individual artistic initiatives directed at enhancing social responsibility of Ukrainians or turning attention to important issues in our society. Zenko Foundation deems it necessary to facilitate professional development of Ukrainian curators, artists and young people willing to do research and work in the cultural field.



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