Oleksandr Klymenko


Born in 1963 in Luhansk. He is a graduate of the Kyiv State Art Institute. Klymenko is one of the founders of the legendary Paris Commune arts squat and the initiator of «Ukraine’s 20th Century Art» and «Volition for the Boundless: The Experience of Understanding the Metaphysical and Other Projects». A painter, curator, and contributor to the theory of art in its own right, Klymenko is a perfect example of an intellectual artist for whom art makes sense only as a tool of unrestrained philosophical searches for the sense of being and a spiritual practice of self-improvement. Klymenko regards transcendent freedom of creation and endless variety of self-expression as the most important concept and relentlessly experiments with various new techniques in painting, etching, and photography — art freely flowing from the figurative towards the abstract. His works are regularly exhibited at Phillips de Pury & Co. auctions.

Selected exhibitions:

  • «20 Years of Presence» (2011, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv); «Independent» (2011, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv);
  • International Exhibition of Contemporary Art Dedicated to the 60th Anniversary of the UN (2006, Palace of Nations, Geneva, Switzerland);
  • «Carefree Travels in the Endless» (2005, Kyiv Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv); «The Crossroads» (2001, Museum of the History of Art, Vienna).

Selected collections:

  • Zaporizhzhia Art Museum (Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine),
  • Rodovid Bank Art Collection (Kyiv),
  • Gradobank Collection (Kyiv), Kyiv
  • Investment Group Collection;
  • also private collections in Ukraine, USA, and Europe.