Oleksandr Zhyvotkov


Born in 1964 in Kyiv into the family of the famous painter, graphic artist, illustrator, and professor, Oleg Zhyvotkov. He was educated at the Republican Fine Arts School and the Kyiv State Art Institute. Together with his father and brother Sergiy, he established a «family art school» known for its minimalism and monochrome imagery. In 1992 he joined the Pictorial Reserve art group. For 20 years his creative work has been characterized by iconic flatness and an ascetic limitation of the color palette to white, black, and grey. One of the painter’s most recent series — To the Question of Nepalese Thangka — was devoted to the ancient visual painting of Tibetan monks.

Selected exhibitions:

  • «Terrain Orientation» (2013, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv);
  • «Contemporary Ukrainian Artists» (2012, Yermilov-Centre, Kharkіv);
  • «Seven Works» (2011, White Space, Stedley Art Foundation, Kyiv);
  • «20 Years of Presence» (2011, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv);
  • «Pictorial Reserve: Version 2008» (2008, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv);
  • «Painting» (2007, Triptych Gallery, Kyiv);
  • «Frontier Land» (2006–2007, a series of exhibitions in Poland and Ukraine).

Selected collections:

  • National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv),
  • Kyiv Museum of Russian Art,
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum (Vienna),
  • Ministry of Culture (Russia),
  • BBC Gallery (London),
  • Sumy Regional Museum of Art (Sumy, Ukraine).