Roman Minin


Born in 1981 in Dimitrov, Donetsk region. In 2002 graduated from Kharkiv Art College. Graduated from the Kharkiv State Academy Of Design and Arts in 2008. Is a member of National Artist’s Union of Ukraine since 2009. Works in many genres and directions. He is a participant of many group exhibitions and festivals in Ukraine and Europe, the organizer of «Street Art Fest» in Kharkiv. He was the head of the program «ISOLIATSYA in City Space» in the center of the modern art ISOLIATSYA in Donetsk 2012. Lives and woks in Kharkiv.

Selected exhibitions:

  • «RE-PUBLIC. Russian Art in the Streets» (2013, Urb Festival, Helsinki, Finland);
  • «Great and Grand » (2013, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv);
  • «Terrain Orientation» (2013, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv);
  • «Ukrainian News» (2013, Сentre of Contemporary Art «Ujazdów Castle», Warsaw);
  •  «The Plan of Escape» (2012, Palazzo Cantagalli, Foligno, Italy);
  • «Source of Life» (2012, «Sinergy Gallery», Rome);
  • «The Ukrainian Baroque» (2012, National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv);
  • «Symbol of Faith» (2010, Museum of Russian Art, Kyiv).

Selected collections:

  • National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv),
  • Museum of Russian Art (Kyiv),
  • Contemporary Art Centre «Castle Ujazdów» (Warsaw),
  • Kharkiv Municipal Gallery (Kharkiv, Ukraine),
  • Perm Museum of Contemporary Art (Perm, Russia),
  • Gallery «Volga» (Moscow),
  • private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Italy, Great Britain.