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27 September 2017

On September 30 in Curitiba (Brazil), a major Latin American biennale Bienal de Curitiba opens. This year, Ukraine also participates: with the help of Zenko Foundation, Andrey Sidorenko presents his video art Game Without Rules. The work was created in 2014, and this year Ukrainian audience could see it at a wide-scale project Show Promise.

Bienal de Curitiba

Bienal de Curitiba 2017 will gather artists from 20 countries, and the exhibitions will open at over 100 locations in the city. Sidorenko’s project will be presented in Museu Oscar Niemeyer, which specializes in contemporary architecture, design and video arts, being a major cultural center in Brazil.

“The wide use of ‘simulation’ as a term has led to the situation that learning process or children’s game is also called a simulation of reality,” says Andrey Sidorenko, describing his work. “But when children play war, something different happens: even if it is a simulation of reality, nobody can prohibit you to learn. What would such game teach in a country where the war is ongoing?.. The children who were lucky not to see the war won’t probably be fully aware of the game they play; however, the same would be true for the adults next to them. And what do we do? Do we create a forbidden fruit out of war symbols, do we stop this children’s game through a rude intervention, or do we leave everything as it is?” (full concept can be found here)

Andriy Sydorenko Game With No Rules

Massimo Scaringella, Bienal de Curitiba 2017 curator, says the following about the work of the Ukrainian artist: “The theme of current biennale is Antipodes, so I wanted to pay more attention to the conflicts now happening in the world, to research this issue. And it seems to me that the video by Andrey Sidorenko is extremely relevant and telling to understand the political situation in Ukraine.”

Andriy Sydorenko Game With No Rules

Bienal de Curitiba will be open until February 25, 2018