The Phillips “New Now” auction: new names from Ukraine

10 December 2015

On the 9th of December, in London, the Phillips held the “New Now” auction”, featuring 8 Ukrainian items. For Stepan Ryabchenko, Olexiy Zolotaryov, Yana Bystrova, Anna Kryvolap and Ihor Konovalov this was a debut on an international auction sale.

The work of Anna Kryvolap, whose works are already known by the collectors in USA, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Turkey and other countries but presented sold at an international auction, “Ribbons IV’ was sold for $11 000.


Kyiv-born Yana Bystrova, a co-founder of the legendary art group “THE RESOLUTE EDGE OF NATIONAL POSTECLECTICISM” lives and works in Paris since the 1990’s. Her 1989 work “Iconoscope”, created during her residency at the famous Moscow Furman alleyway squat, was sold for $6 000.

The price of $4 000 was paid for Ihor Konovalov’s “Chasing the White Rabbit” from his famous Infa&Infadelika series, dedicated to the ruminations on a role of information in the society.

Also a first-timer on an international auction Stepan Ryabchenko authored a work in an experimental ‘computer painting’ technique “Electric Notos”, that was sold for $5 000. A metallic object “Windrose” by Olexiy Zolotaryov, another international debutant, was sold for $4 000.

The “New Now” also presented the works of Ukrainian artists who are not new to the international auctions. A print from Donbass-born artist Roman Minin “Self-Sufficiency Complex” was sold for $18 000.

An object of textured “wooden painting” of Alexander Zhyvotkov “Wind” was bought for $16 000 (with an estimated price at of $ 9 500-12 500).

The most expensive Ukrainian lot of the auction was Viktor Sydorenko’s painting from the Ultra-C series, sold for $22 000.