Aurum of the Place: work by Oleksa Furdiyak

05 July 2018

Aurum of the Place is a new project of Ukrainian contemporary art that opens in Zenko Foundation art space in Tatariv, May 5

Oleksa Furdiiak

Oleksa Furdiyak, Bawełna, 2018

100% cotton loss of comfort. This is the way art practices now react to multi-level and extremely rapid changes in the system of values, economic freedom or social slavery, changes in traditional cultures and fetishization of mass culture. This is the time of horizontal digital connections destroying traditional hierarchies and linearity, removing old respected figures from their comfortable spots in history. According to this logic, human perception of reality is focused on the temporary and momentary nature of everything. With the help of many numbers, the “Dionysian” noticeably pushes the “Apollonian” from the arena of values. A careless, even brutal shout crudely pictured on the metal plate, a silent scream ironically asks about the real and eternal things. Shall we hear that?  

Oleksa Furdiyak Bawełna