Aurum of the Place: work by Pavlo Makov

11 May 2018

Aurum of the Place is a new project of Ukrainian contemporary art that opens in Zenko Foundation art space in Tatariv, May 5

Anatoliy Zvizhynsky about the work "Shelter. Landscape" (2017) by Pavlo Makov:

An eerie and meticulous scheme of a city fragment and an explanation for the order of actions to take if a threat emerges, without any hope for salvation. A mechanistic instruction, a template we are so fond of using without thinking about other options. The precise accuracy of numbers and poetic deciphering of buildings create a magic map of the mirror-world where it’s impossible to get lost. In the author’s opinion, it is his signature work which allows to summarize previous achievements and to begin a new stage of multiplying meanings.

Pavlo Makov Shelter. Landscape