Aurum of the Place: works by Igor Gusev

28 May 2018

Aurum of the Place is a new project of Ukrainian contemporary art that opens in Zenko Foundation art space in Tatariv, May 5.

Igor Gusev LikeHaiku

Anatoliy Zvizhynsky about the works "LikeHaiku" (2015) by Igor Gusev:

During the recent years, practically every day Igor Gusev published short poems on his Facebook page. Most often these poems the author called likehaiku described events unfolding in Ukraine in an exact and laconic way. In three or four lines, like in a telegram, Gusev informed his readers about the latest news. Sometimes, a recognizable “Gusev’s irony” was felt behind these lines; sometimes, it was pain and horror due to February events in Maidan, Hrushevskogo street, and the Crimea. Brief form and lyrical content ensured numerous likes and shares in social networks where the artist continues publishing his poems, though not as often as before. However, having tried his hand at poetry, Gusev could not entirely give up the visual language he is used to and created several series of graphical works which ended up complementing LikeHaiku (from Dymchukgallery press release).

Igor Gusev LikeHaiku

The transfer of activities from the canvas into web environment so that later the critical poetic motives could be visually documented on a corrugated fiberboard with a marker – does this mean search for a different place?

Igor Gusev Crimea