Aurum of the Place: works by Vasyl Tsagolov

30 May 2018

Aurum of the Place is a new project of Ukrainian contemporary art that opens in Zenko Foundation art space in Tatariv, May 5.

Anatoliy Zvizhynsky about the works "Guelder-rose" (2017) by Vasyl Tsagolov:

Guelder-rose is another interpretation of the “fraternal” people’s mentality where aggressive avidity, brutality and disrespect towards oneself and others hide behind a mask of profoundly spiritual culture. A sizeable image of a male figure pictured from the back, with pants down his shanks, ass on display, and an AK-47 in his hands both refer to a Russian film with the same title made back in 1974 and tell about current pro-Kremlin worldview unable to get rid of mental traumas from the past regime. An ornamental vertical line of stars and sickles with hammers portrays aesthetic incapability of different, new, out-of-the-box thinking. The infinity of untouched territories seems to be drawing some optimistic prospects. But when you have a weapon in your hands, the others can kiss your ass. Everybody born into this world gets into dependency, binding, and interaction with a particular territory, place, and culture – everything to form mentality. Does a place still play a critical role for those who live there? Does landscape still form ways of thinking, the psychology of world perception, taste buds, impulsiveness, and sensuality?

Vasyl Tsagolov Guelder-rose