The results of the Phillips New Now sale in London

15 April 2016

Viktor Sydorenko “Levitation”

On the 13th of April, the London auction house Phillips held a New Now sale, which included, along with Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Gerhard Richter and other internationally famous artists, some works of Ukrainian artist. There were 10 Ukrainian items overall: painting, sculpture, photography and bas-relief. The biggest price, £18 750, was paid for Viktor Sydorenko’s “Levitation”. The painting was sold by a private European collection that acquired the work for £16 250 in 2013 at the Sotheby’s.

Michael Deyak "Stools"

The “Stools” by Mykhailo Deyak were sold for £11 250 with estimated £6 000 - 8 000. The artist has broken his own record set last week. A painting of the same series was sold for $11 000 on the “Golden Ratio” sale in Kyiv. At the time it was the highest price paid for Deyak’s works on an open bidding.

Nazar Bilyk Counterforms
Nazar Bilyk “Counterforms”

Nazar Bilyk’s “Counterforms” have also exceeded the estimated price of £5 000. They were sold for £8 125. Two works from Arsen Savadov’s “Collective Red” were auctioned: and both were successfully sold for £6 875 and £6 250.

The “Stripes” by Anna Kryvolap were sold for £4 000, Anna Valieva’s “Madonna and Child” – for £3 750, Yehor Zigura’s sculpture “The Risen Colossus” – for £3 250, bas-relief by Roman Minin “Reward for Silence” – for £2 750, Vasyl Tsagolov’s painting from the “Workplace Romance” series – for £1 250.

Almost all the work of Ukrainians went to the Western collections. Total sales percentage to the April auction Phillips was approximately 65%. Therefore, the purchase of all the works of Ukrainian artists indicates an increased interest of foreign collectors of contemporary art in Ukraine.