Kharkiv meets the “Kylym. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists” project

26 October 2016

On the 27th of October, "YermilovCenter" in Kharkiv will host the opening of the all-Ukrainian "Kylym. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists" exhibition. The project gathered 20 young Ukrainian artists who prove with their works, that traditional motives can be woven into contemporary art. The participants of the project include the most interesting representatives of the young generation of Ukrainian artists: Roman Minin, Nazar Bilyk, Artem Volokytin, Darya Koltsova, Oleksii Zolotariov, Anna Myronova, Andriy Sydorenko, Anton Logov, Tetyana Malynovska and others.

Anton Logov Match point

Anton Logov "Match point" 

The "Kylym" debuted back in April, at Zenko Foundation art space, situated on the premises of the "Koruna" hotel complex in Tatariv village, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Later, in June, the project was exhibited in Lviv. Now the exhibition has arrived in Kharkiv. The co-curator of the project notes, that this is a special feature of the project: "From the very beginning, it was devised as a traveling show. One of the goals of the project — is to introduce the viewers with art from different regions of the country. The participants of the project include artists from Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa and Kharkiv".

Artem Volokytin Allegory

Artem Volokytin "Allegory I"

Indeed, the idea to drive the contemporary art away from the bounds of the capital city, to conduct a kind of decentralization, was one of the key objects of the of the first all-Ukrainian art-project of Zenko Foundation. In Kharkiv, the "Kylym" is entering its final stage. Besides, the exhibition will become the finale of the large-scale "PohranCult: GaliciaCult" cultural project, that was aiming to establish a contact between the Eastern and Western art scenes.

The "Kylym" will be on the view in "YermilovCenter" until the 18th of November. 

Roman Minin Carpet of promises

Roman Minin "Carpet of promises"