Kyiv Museum of Russian Art shows new works by Oleksander Roytburd

19 October 2016


On the 19th of October Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art hosts the opening of the "Roytburd in Museum" exhibition, dedicated to the 55th birthday of the artist. "The Museum is a place for dialogue, – says Oleksander Roytburd. – And everything that I had been doing in my life is, in essence, a dialogue with the museum. With artists, who influenced me, with the stories told to me. And now it is time to make an exhibition on museum reminiscing".


The exhibition includes works from different years, but most were written in 2016. First of all, it is the new "philosophic" series with ironic collages of famous philosophers in unusual for their ideas environments: Kant on the background of picturesque view, preaching transcendental sensuousness to the tapirs, Spinoza traveling to Toscany on top of a zebra, Leibnitz walking about with the peacocks. The irony was always characteristic for Roytburd. By combining incompatible, the artists invites the viewer to join him in a kind of a play of symbols, where familiar characters and symbols gain new meanings.

The exhibition is on the view until the 29th of October.