In Kyiv Opens the Final Part of All-Ukrainian Project “Kylym. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists”

05 December 2016

On the 6th of December in Museum of Kyiv history opens the finak part of ambitious project “Kylym. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists”. Project is the first all-Ukrainian for Zenko Foundation. It started this April – in the main art space of the foundation which is situated  in the premises of “Koruna” hotel complex in Tatariv village, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Then the exhibition travelled to Lviv and Kharkiv. "From the very beginning, we were promoting the cultural decentralization while driving the exhibition about the country, – says the initiator of the project and founder of Zenko Foundation Zenko Aftanaziv. – Contemporary art must cross the borders of the capital city to become more approachable. Still, we deemed to be right to finish off the foundation's first all-Ukrainian project in Kyiv."

“Memory Constructor” by Nazar Bilyk

“Memory Constructor” by Nazar Bilyk

The project united 20 artists from different regions of Ukraine. They mainly represent the “new young” generation that emerged only a few years. Among the participants: Nazar Bilyk, Roman Minin, Stepan Ryabchenko, Oleksii Zolotariov, Andriy Sydorenko, Artem Volokitin, Anton Logov, Tetyana Malynovska, Apl315, Zoya Orlova, and others. On the exhibition they present painting, sculpture, installations, and video-art.

Artem Volokytin Allegory

"Allegory" by Artem Volokytin

The main idea of “Kylym” is to to unite traditional and contemporary art, bring the ethnic culture up to date and to enrich contemporary art with new "folk" meanings. “Today we can't capture all the meanings that were placed into traditional ornaments of woven carpets, – explaines co-curator of the “Kylym” project Igor Abramovych. – Contemporary artists are living in different context, they are facing different challenges than had folk craftsmen. But both artists and craftsmen are operating with images and symbols. And in contemporary “kylym” artists are placing new but as rich range of senses and motives as in woven carpet.”

Roman Minin Carpet of promises

"Carpet of promises" by Roman Minin

Each of the participants understood the union between traditional and contemporary art in their own way. And each created unique, not like any other work. But as co-curator of the “Kylym” project Oleksander Solovyov noted: “Created within the common idea of the project individual expressions of young Ukrainian artists that differ one from another both by content and meaning are at the same time united into one amazingly holistic canvas and turn into one monolithic “kylym”.

The works of most promising young Ukrainian artists will be on the view till the 15th of January, 2017.