Large-scale Exhibition “Event Horizon” Opened in the Mystetsky Arsenal

31 October 2016

On the 27th of October, the project "Event Horizon" took off at the Mystetsky Arsenal. The large-scale exhibition features more than 20 works of contemporary Ukrainian artists, including Roman Minin, Stepan Ryabchenko, Serhiy Petlyuk, Mykyta Shalenyi, Roman Mykhailov, Artem Volokitin, Zoya Orlova, Masha Shubina, Illya Chichkan, Alevtina Kakhidze and others.

Stepan Ryabchenko The Everhearing Ear

"The Everhearing Ear" by Stepan Ryabchenko

The name of the exhibition refers to the astronomical term. The event horizon is a boundary in the spacetime near the Black Hole, that once crossed, eliminates a possibility of coming back from the Black Hole. Once any object reaches this point of no return, leaves the observable world forever, and we can only guess, what happens beyond this boundary. Contemporary world is near its own "event horizon", stands on the break of drastic transformations. The globalization, the life in the accelerated tempo, information streams, and constant changes have modified the way we look at commonplace things. More and more often the well-known guides, like the belief in the progress, fail us in real life.

The works of the artist represent the baggage, the civilization has brought to its "event horizon". Some, like Alevtina Kakhidze ("Zhdanovka") and Roman Minin ("Cleansing Fire") have concentrated on local, Ukrainian context, others, like Stepan Ryabchenko ("The Everhearing Ear") and Mykyta Shalenyi ("Syberia") preferred global themes.

The exhibition is on the view until the 27th of November.