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16 October 2017

On October 17, the Institute of Contemporary Art Issues opens Mechanism of Evolution exhibition in the framework of New Directions international platform. Zenko Foundation is a partner of this project, supporting the initiative of exhibition curators to present as many new names at the Ukrainian art scene as possible.

Yuriy Sivirin, from Whale Hunter series

Yuriy Sivirin, from Whale Hunter series

Just a reminder: all willing artists were invited to participate in the exhibition; an open call was announced in September. “We decided that over half of the participants should be invited after the open call submissions were analyzed,” Andrey Sidorenko and Aleksandra Khalepa, curators, reveal. “This means more of young authors and an opportunity to see new works created especially for the project.” As a result, the exhibition includes paintings, video art, photos, installations, and sculpture from over forty authors. Among the participants are Vadim Bondero, Hamlet Zinkovsky, Anton Logov, Yuriy Pikul, Roman Mikhaylov, Aleksey Zolotaryov, Yuriy Sivirin, Oksana Chepelyk, Aleksandr Lyapin, and others.

Biopolitics became the theme of the project. “We live in the times when biology interacts not just with politics but also with new technologies,” says project head Igor Abramovich. “Social networks are simply overflowing with photos of animals, political life and scientific sensations. And all these things coexist naturally; they even become a part of normal life. This is where disorientation and identity issues come from.” What makes us humans? What motivates people to choose their paths and make decisions? These were the questions put before the participants of Mechanism of Evolution project.