New Art Space ART UKRAINE GALLERY Opens with Stepan Ryabchenko’s Exhibition

11 November 2016

On the 11th of November in Kyiv new ART UKRAINE GALLERY is opening. The first exhibition in the art space would be Stepan Ryabchenko's project “Virtual Mythology”. The exhibition opening will be at the same time the presentation of the public ART UKRAINE Foundation which is founded for promotion of Ukrainian art both locally and globally. 

Stepan Ryabchenko Virtual Mythology 1

Premier exhibition presents digital paintings and sculpture from Stepan Ryabchenko's significant series – “Computer Viruses”, “Virtual Flowers”, and others. Ryabchenko is one of the most interesting young Ukrainian contemporary artists. During last few years he invented his own regognizable style. His paintings he creates with computer graphics, combining innovative technology and principals of classical composition. Large-scale works take viewers to a fictional bright and dinamic world.  

In his “Virtual Mythology” Ryabchenko balances between virtual and real, artificial and natural. He explores the transformation of fiction into material reality.

The exhibition is on the view till the 12th of December.