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11 September 2017

The Institute of Contemporary Art Issues has announced an open call for participation in Mechanism of Evolution, a collective project. Proposals from the authors are accepted until September 25. Igor Abramovich became the project manager; Andrey Sidorenko and Aleksandra Khalepa are to serve as its curators. Zenko Foundation has become an official partner.

Mechanism of Evolution

Mechanism of Evolution will be held under the aegis of the 10th national platform New Directions. The platform has been organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art Issues since 2006; it is oriented at relevant issues in Ukrainian contemporary art. This year, organizers offer the participants to concentrate on mechanistic approach and evolutionism in evaluating human as such. “The statement from Rene Descartes, ‘cogito ergo sum’, doesn’t sound as obvious today as it did before,” the organizers say. “A robot can also think and exist. The question is, what makes us humans? Rationalism has decidedly rejected all emotional experiences; as a result, empathy and compassion have been blacklisted along with barbarianism and savagery.” But where is the place for a human in the world of reason which the mankind tried to build? In comparison with AI, human brain loses in many respects. And which place should the robots occupy in the future? Will the humans be able to keep their dominance?

Call for proposals open at