PERMANENT REVOLUTION: work by Alina Kleyman

18 May 2018

PERMANENT REVOLUTION, an exhibition of Ukrainian contemporary art, opens in Ludwig Museum in Budapest. This is the first wide-scale museum presentation of Ukrainian contemporary art to the European audience.

About work "Ask Mom" (Video Installation, 2018, the production or the artwork was supported by Zenko Foundation):

Alina Kleytman Ask Your Mom 03

This is a work on domestic violence and victimhood as its consequence. The artist aspires to let the viewer into the hermetic space of domestic violence, common and often unconscious, no matter how flashy it is. The installation is made in such a way that, when enter it, the viewers immediately find themselves in the position of a small dependent child. The videos and the objects violate and destroy in various ways personal space in the physical, mental, and emotional senses.

Alina Kleytman Ask Mom

The installation uses images and phrases, sounds and objects that are typical for post-Soviet life. The purpose of the project is to deprive the viewers of their rejection of themselves, disrespect for themselves and their needs. It is achieved by immersion of an adult in a child’s state in which they can consciously endure the traumas of childhood and understand their consequence for their current perception of the world.

Alina Kleytman Ask Your Mom 01