08 June 2018

PERMANENT REVOLUTION, an exhibition of Ukrainian contemporary art, opens in Ludwig Museum in Budapest. This is the first wide-scale museum presentation of Ukrainian contemporary art to the European audience.

Oleksiy Sai Mildew

About work "Mildew" (Installation, 2018) by Oleksii Sai:

The new installation continues a series of works on the subject of the so-called “office monkeys”, that is, the lowest caste of workers in the office hierarchy. The crowds of impersonal people wearing grey each day reproduce the monotonous routine of clerks’ life. “Mildew” – this is how this category of people is called contemptuously in Ukraine. However, at the same time these people became a great force in the moments of social turbulences. That was the case in Ukraine in 2004, and the same happened in 2014. Ukrainian middle class threw off their ties and went out on the streets. In the spring of 2014 some of them literally went straight out from the office to war in the East of the country. However, revolutions and wars end, and impersonal men and women with constant smiles on their faces return to their usual way of life. Like the real mildew, they expand everywhere where there is an opportunity to deploy workspaces, distributing, as an epidemic, their specific way of life and thinking. And only sometimes, at the ritual Friday parties, the fuzzy images of other times when grey little people were able to make history appear.