18 April 2018

PERMANENT REVOLUTION, an exhibition of Ukrainian contemporary art, opens in Ludwig Museum in Budapest. This is the first wide-scale museum presentation of Ukrainian contemporary art to the European audience.

Curator Alisa Lozhkina about work Terminators of Celestial Bodies (canvas, mixed technique 2018) by APL315:

The large-scale canvas in an ironic manner demonstrates the epic of the endless absurd struggle between various characters. What is this story about, where the heroes who seem to have come from archaic rock paintings, are engaged in a fierce battle with modern analogues of Don Quixote windmills, and at the same time such recognizable attributes of post-Soviet Ukrainian poverty and scarcity – “Bogdan” shuttle buses and fast-food noodles “Mivina”? Maybe, it is a narration about the events of recent history when people on the Maidan struggled for the non-Soviet, European country. Or, perhaps, we are talking about Ukraine and her history in general, which, according to the accurate remark of a political figure and writer of the beginning of the twentieth century Volodymyr Vynnychenko, “cannot be read without bromine” because it is so sad and full of defeats of common sense. Or, maybe, it is a panoramic view on humanity on the whole where every hero will always have his anti-hero. After all, it is not clear who should be supported in this story eventually, who is right and who is guilty – the armed warlike ancestor or the package of harmful noodles, which has been saving thousands of Ukrainian students, pensioners and free artists from starvation for death for decades.

APL315 Terminators of Celestial Bodies

The terminator in modern culture is, above all, a mighty fierce cyborg, an alien from the post-apocalyptic 2029 that is so far-off at the time of the creation of the legendary film by James Cameron. Today, jokes about terminators are less funny because cyborgization is becoming a more possible scenario of human evolution to posthuman. But one should not forget that in astronomy the “terminator” is a line that separates the illuminated side of a celestial body from its dark side. Figuratively speaking, it is a guard that stands on the verge of light and darkness, good and evil, white and black or orange, as in the case of the APL315’s work, and does not allow them to mix and destroy each other.

APL315 Terminators of Celestial Bodies fragment