The Results of the “Classic Underground Contemporary Art” auction

14 April 2016

Serhiy Shyshko Overflowing Dnipro
Serhiy Shyshko “Overflowing Dnipro”

On the 8th of April, the auction house “The Golden Ratio” held a spring sale CLASSIC UNDERGROUND CONTEMPORARY ART. The sale included more than 100 works of three main divisions: soviet period, including the 60’s, emigrated artist and contemporary Ukrainian art.

The last one woke the biggest interest among the collectors: the paintings of contemporary authors were the best to be sold. Particularly, the painting by Alexander Zhyvotkov was sold for $6600, Roman Minin’s work – for $2200, Matwey Waisberg – for $3300, and Yuriy Koval – for $1980. One of the most successful items was the work of Oleh Tistol, sold for $7700. The painting of Mykhailo Deyak “Chairs” with an estimated price of $6 000-$8 000, invoked some very active bidding. The winning buyer bought it for $11 000, thus setting the record for the biggest price paid for Deyak’s painting paid on an opened auction. Although, huge interest to the work of Deyak is obvious, and it is quite possible that another record will be set very soon.

Oleh Tistol Crimea-15. Alley

Oleh Tistol "Crimea-15. Alley"

One of the top-lots, the painting “Overflowing Dnipro” by Serhiy Shyshko was sold for $27 500 and became the most expensive work to be sold at the CLASSIC UNDERGROUND CONTEMPORARY ART auction. Other classics, on the contrary, were not that popular. Pictures by David Burliuk, Victor Zaretsky, Bokshay Joseph, Mary Primachenko left without buyers. Nevertheless, the results of the auction were promising. With the post-auction sales included, 60% of items were sold, indicating a recovery of Ukrainian art market.