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21 August 2017

On August 22, in the framework of LvivMozArt classical music festival, Beyond The Myth. The Amazons opera will be premiered. The event will take place in the facilities of an old Lviv tramway depot. And this space will be transformed with the help of Burns, works created by Roman Mikhaylov with the support of Zenko Foundation.

Roman Mikhaylov Burns 05

Roman Mikhaylov, Burns. Creating the installation

Aa Darya Koltsova, art project curator, notes, Burns enter into a dialogue with the opera, creating a special ambience. They will become the first impression as even before the opera starts the audience’s attention will be concentrated on these big works, huge pieces of paper with traces from fresh burns.

Beyond the Myth. The Amazons is a musical piece, which has combined fragments of music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, vocal numbers from The Amazons by Lviv composer Josef Elsner and selected parts of Mauerschau, contemporary opera by Hauke Berheide. Manipulation with historical facts, myths, desperate Amazons and liberation struggle are intertwined in this dynamic musical work. Beyond the Myth is a story about living through changes, becoming aware of them and the traumas which remain after. The same theme is revealed by Roman Mikhaylov in Burns. Though these are not the first experiments of the artist with fire – e.g., in June he presented The Burn of the Reality installation in Vilnius – the new objects were created specifically for the space of tram depot and under the impression from the opera. Here the two statements, music and artistic one, complement each other: music talks about the past, and fresh burns on the sheets of paper, about the present.

Lviv tramway depot facilities

Lviv tramway depot facilities

Zenko Foundation believes that art should go beyond galleries and museum spaces, so the support for this project is a continuation of its selected strategy. The fund is an official partner of LvivMozArt festival.