Show Promise: “Were is Far which is Closer” by GAZ group

25 June 2017

“Were is Far which is Closer” object is an attempt to work on the space, start a dialogue with it, emphasize and characterize its architecture and feasibility. Space as the venue of existence is rather symbolic in itself, so it is a risk and a challenge for the artist to intervene into it.


GAZ group participants didn’t have a particular aim to fulfill; they resorted to an experiment where they left some space for improvisational solutions. “Were is Far which is Closer”, just like all the other works by the group, is dual, which is expressed in its introvert and extrovert aspects. On the one hand, shape, volume and color as instruments of artistic expression work to create the feeling of “displacement” and “immersion” at the same time. The rhythms of geometric lines and planes both complement and split the space in a destructive way, creating the ambience of discomfort and terror for the audience.

Such visual effect fully corresponds to the philosophical background of the work, which has a definite social and cultural task, i.e. to reveal the state of the society which is now under constant pressure, coming closer to and getting away from important decisions and questions.

“Were is Far which is Closer” is also a dialogue between the artist and the audience built on political, sacral and mythical themes also designed to concentrate the viewer’s attention on the analysis of real world. The main vector in the creation of this architectural and sculpture object was to add a transforming value to it, both for the space and the psychological state of the viewer. The group participants justly consider this work a new stage in their own creative development.

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