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30 June 2017

Show Promise exhibition opened in Lviv on June 13 was visited by Nigel Hurst, director at Saatchi Gallery, London. The three-day cultural visit to Ukraine for a major figure of global art stage was initiated by Zenko Foundation within cultural diplomacy politics which the foundation finds necessary to develop.

Nigel Hurst and Zenko Aftanaziv

Nigel Hurst and Zenko Aftanaziv

Show Promise exhibition became a great occasion to learn more about Ukrainian contemporary art as it had collected works of the best Ukrainian artists from different generations, with various styles and techniques represented. Saatchi Gallery director praised the exhibition and noted, “Show Promise is fantastic. It has continuity; all works are very different and at the same time interconnected. It is very good that one can see works of well-known artists and young authors side by side. This allows to trace the development of artistic movement. Besides, this is a great inspiration for young artists, which is very important.”

Nigel Hurst 01

“The best thing about this exhibition is that you can take any work and put it into Saatchi gallery, and it won’t look out of place there. It is hard to say this about each exhibition, so I believe this is a sign of true balance.”

Nigel Hurst 02

Nigel Hurst also added that Ukrainian art is worth to be seen by more European viewers and critics. “Art is diversity,” he added. “Thousands of artists all over the world create their works, and they are all different. This is great, because it involves people from various levels – with different education, social status and cultural background. And this is how it should be. It is important to share your uniqueness with the world