Show Promise: “Wooden Story” by Stepan Riabchenko

27 June 2017

A myth is a story, fiction. But the world does not exist without this fiction. Virtual reality with its integration into material reality - an illustration of how an idea becomes a mental construction of visual shapes, volumes and eventually embodied in matter. The original model creation. Stepan Ryabchenko’s virtual reality in his interpretation claims to completeness welcome, so endowed with his own myth - digital mock soul reality. The narrative of image is complemented by the narrative of a story.

Stepan Ryabchenko’s every work is a new topos or character in its virtual Universe, that borders the fine material world. The artist uses his animated virtual units as modules to build autonomous space, portal in its own alternate reality.

Stepan Ryabchenko Wooden Story

All elements and creatures that inhabit artists's virtual space have their own legend, which is the root of birth in the same plane, refers to classics and antiquity but expands in the plane of the present. Baroque forms, biomorphic outlines, bright colors combined with refined coldness of glossy digital images and material in which it is implemented - aluminum, polymers, neon - sharpen the sound of Ryabchenko's current motives - boundaries between virtual and material reality, between digital and analog world, between artificial and natural. Breaking this limit, artist follows the comprehensive global trends - "digitization" and reality addition.

Stepan Ryabchenko is actually engaged in expansion, gradually dragging his "agents" from the virtual space into a physical one. Variability of size, materials, possible repetitions offers additional benefits and options in this expansion.

"Virtual Mythology" project is a kind of anthology, which contains fragments of different series, different elements that together form a kaleidoscopic panorama of authorial digital world and are built into a single narrative. As in the classic myth Stepan Ryabchenko personalize nature, element, explores the theme of the hero and anti-hero, life and death, love and freedom in his mythology. Using a component of technological development of mankind as a tool Stepan Ryabchenko appeals to the idea of human relationships with the natural environment, the formation of values and fundamental understanding of their own identity.

Text: Natalia Matsenko

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