The 10XYOUNG exhibition

11 February 2016

Stepan Ryabchenko “Walking Cloud”

From the 10th of February to the 13th of March the 10XYOUNG exhibition is on the view at the “Mystetska Zbirka” art gallery in Kyiv. The number in the name of the exhibition defines the count of the artist involved in the project and “YOUNG” speaks about their age. The curators of the project, gallerists Maksym and Yulia Voloshyna, have gathered 10 young Ukrainian artists. The main idea is to showcase the future of Ukrainian art, as the exposition features the most promising authors. Curators are sure that such exhibition will be especially interesting for the collectors.

There is no single artistic concept behind the 10XYOUNG. On the contrary, each of the presented authors works with different themes, materials, forms and a distinctly different style. One of the works of the exposition is the already familiar “Walking Cloud” by Stepan Ryabchenko, a symbol of freedom and optimism. The artist’s background in architecture can be sensed throughout all of his works. His art transforms the space, visually changing the environment, and bringing the new sounding to it.



Another great representative of the new generation is Roman Minin. The exhibition features the works of author’s series dedicated to the coal miners. The young Donbass-born author is able to develop all the aspects of the topic in detail, creating the real anthology of a miner’s life. The exposition also includes the works by Artem Volkitin, Anton Lohov, Myhaylo Deyak, Daria Koltsova, Anna Valieva, Roman Mykhailov, Bohdan Tomashevsky and Nikita Kravtsov.