The “Caution, Wet Paint!” exhibition by Alexander Roytburd

27 April 2016

On the 27th of April Kyiv gallery “Mystetska Zbirka” will hold a personal exhibition of Alexander Roytburd “Caution, Wet Paint!”. The project of the classic of Ukrainian contemporary art was first on the view in Odessa a month ago, and now the Kyiv viewers will see it as well.

The exhibition “Caution, Wet Paint” features paintings of different years, but from single series. It was started by Roytburd back in 2003 with an autoportrait with a severed head of John the Baptist. Nevertheless, most of the works were created during the turbulent events of 2014. The artist often visited Maidan and reacted deeply to the happenings. On the Ney Year’s day of 2014 he created another self-portrait, later during the tragic events of the19th of February he painted his “Chios massacre”, and after that, as a response to the news that Maidan held its ground, the “Raising the Flag” was created.

The name of the series was invented by chance, thanks to Borys Khersonskyi. Once, he entered the Roytburd’s workshop and incautiously touched one of the still wet paintings. The poet proposed to hang the “Caution, Wet Paint” signs on the paintings, but the artist liked the idea enough to pick it as a name for the new series.

The works are done in Roytburd’s recognizable style: saturated heavy colors, textured human figures, resembling bizarre constructors.

The exhibition will be opened until the 29th of May.