The “Honey Plant” exhibition

09 June 2016

On the 9th of June in Odessa will be opened Stepan Ryabchenko exhibition 'Honey Plant". "My new series is about the creation of a virtual garden, whose protagonist is a Honey Plant, a plant, enticing the insects to gather nectar to be produced into a sweet honey. Each of us seeks such source in his life, - says the artist. - But everyone defines in an own way, and draws different values from it".

Stepan Ryabchenko Honey Plant

Stepan Ryabchenko created his garden using digital painting, a technique that earned initial success for the artist. His large-scale works provide locations to grow these fantastic electronic flowers and all the raging life around them. Although new technologies are used, Ryabchenko's works remain painterly. A viewer can notice classical approach to creating the composition and great attention to details.

Honey Plant will become the first project to be hosted in the new gallery Invogue, situated in the Odessa city centre. "A gallery is, first of all, a place to meet people and exchange opinions. - says the co-founder of the Invogue Tatyana Burda. - For me, it was very important to saturate our city with cultural events".

The exhibition will be opened until the 24 of June.