“Kylym. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists” at the Zenko Foundation art space

12 April 2016

On the 8th of April in the art space of Zenko Foundation on the premises of the hotel complex “Koruna” in Tatariv, Ivano-Frankivsk region, the exhibition “Kylym. Contemporary Ukrainian Artists” was opened. The project features 17 of the most promising Ukrainian authors, including Nazar Bilyk, Roman Minin, Anton Logov, Olexiy Zolotaryov, Artem Volokitin, Stepan Ryabchenko, Tatyana Malynovska, Olexiy Yaloveha, Serhiy Petlyuk, Oleksiy Sai and others.

The goal of the project is to reconsider the traditional art, to bring it up to date, to meditate on the symbolism of a woven carpet, and on the way the ethnic culture is injected into contemporary art. Each of the authors approached the problem in their own way. The exposition includes painting, objects, video art, installations. The exhibition is very diverse. The curators of the exhibition, Alexander Solovyov and Ihor Abramovych compare it to a woven carpet, where miscellaneous elements are gathered into a whole.

Another important goal, persistently addressed by the Zenko Foundation , is pushing the borders of the cultural environment, the decentralization of contemporary art. That is why the art space of Zenko Foundation in the Carpathians was chosen for the presentation of the project. Here the exhibition will remain until the 15th of June. Afterward, the “Kylym” will be opened in Lviv, where it will be on the view in the “Lviv Palace of the Arts”. And in the autumn, from the 20th of October, the exhibition will move to the CCF “YermilovCentre” in Kharkiv.