The “State of Things” exhibition

02 June 2016

Fragment of the exposition Photo: Viktoria Kim

On the 31st of May Kyiv gallery "Dukat" will host a personal exhibition of Pavel Makov - one of the most famous contemporary Ukrainian graphic artists. The exhibition included the first works of a large-scale project. The main theme of the series is a landscape and text, their interconnectivity and notional crossings.

Overall the series will include 42 etchings, says the author - the exact sum of every Cyrillic and Latin character. Each etching is an architectural construction in a shape of a letter. So far Makov got an "O" and an "X". Each etching will be connected and collectively they will make up a wholesome landscape. The artist estimates, that the creation of the series will take about three years.

Pavel Makov "State of Things" 

The first works of the project remind a children's game. The buildings turn into a tic-tac-toe symbols, and some constructions appear to be the ships on the "Battleship" board. Despite such lightweight allusions, Pavel Makov stays true to his style. All of the drawings are detailed scrupulously, there are no secondary features or negligible elements. In such manner, the graphic artist strives for a double effect: from one point of view he creates abstract symbols, and from the other - makes them as detailed as possible, and pronouncedly material. This contradictory hides the true state of things.

The exhibition will be opened until the 30th of June.