The “HUMAN/ALIEN” exhibition

13 June 2016

From the 8th of to the 11th of June the ARTVERA'S gallery will host Roman Minin's project "HUMAN/ALIEN" as a part of Manifesta 11 biennale. Thies year the art festival is focused on the interaction between the creation and labour. The topic of Manifesta 11 is "What people do for money - some join-ventures". Minin's project fits in this concept quite harmonically.

The artist brought to Zurich his 'alien', with combined lineaments of a coal miner and an antagonist of the legendary "Alien" movie.

Roman Minin is one of the most successful young Ukrainian artists. His works, consistently developing the theme of coal miner's labour, are actively sold on auctions abroad and are sought by collectors all across the globe.

Manifesta is held in various European cities since 1996, and presently is one of the key art events in the Europe. During its existence, more than 2,5 million authors were exposed in more than 40 countries. Biennale in Zurich will be held until the 18th of September.