The “Ukrainian Art of 20-21 Centuries” exhibition

17 March 2016

On the 18 of March the “Chocolate House” in Kyiv will host a pre-auction exhibition, presenting the words of authors from different generations. The “Ukrainian Art of 20-21 Centuries” sale is presented by the ACG auction house.

The exposition consists of three blocks: “Contemporary Art”, “Young Contemporary Artists” and “The Art of the 20th Century”.

Contemporary art is represented by the leading Ukrainian authors, including Alexander Roitburd, Arsen Savadov and Vasyl Tsagolov. These artists have already become the classics of Ukrainian contemporary art, and are known far outside the country. In recent years their work sold well in overseas auctions, so in the upcoming auction paintings Roitburd, Savadov, Tsagolov and will be among the most interesting lots.

The section "Art of the twentieth century" includes the classics of their time. In particular, two works of David Burliuk "New York" and "While the city sleeps" are on the view, as well as paintings by Adalbert Erdelyi, Valentyn Khrushch and Viktor Zaretsky.

Auction The “Ukrainian Art of 20-21 Centuries” can attract both experienced and novice collectors. Variety of styles and techniques presented in the works, as well as a fairly wide price range make attractive bids for different buyers. The auction will be held March 26th.