The “Woman’s Portrait” exhibition

13 February 2016

From the 12th of February to the 2nd of March the Chocolate house in Kyiv will be hosting the “Woman’s Portrait” exhibition. The female Ukrainian artists of different generations will present their own view on the “woman’s problem”. This is the first of the “Chocolate seasons” series of the events, that will be held several times a year in the Chocolate house.

Maryna Skugareva Guantanamera

The goal of the present project is to show the female face of Ukrainian art to the public, to present its diversity of themes, techniques, and genres. To make the picture whole, the project features more than 30 female authors – famous painters, graphic artists, sculptors, theatre directors and even the jewelers. The exposition includes paintings by Maryna Skugareva and Valeriya Trubina. Each author works with a different technique. Skugareva is drawn to the graphics, her works are brief, while Trubina, on the contrary, creates large-scale paintings. The exposition also features the works of Yelena Ryzhyh, Yelena Pryduvalova, Beata Korn, Kseniya Hnilytska, Ilona Silvashi, Emma Tremba and others.

The project does not stop at the visual arts. It will also include the viewing of the “Women Stories of Nina Murashkina” paper theatre play, a jewelry show by Tatyana Cherna and a fashion show of the new Polina Veller collection. Despite the diversity of female participants, the project wasn’t done without ‘male’ art. Artists Oleh Tistol and Ruslan Tremba and the photographer Ihor Babiy were invited as special guests.