Fund news


25 August 2017

On September 9-10 with the support of Zenko Foundation, Yulia Kysel will present her new installation at Gogolfest. The work will become part of Time Stop project of the Contemporary Art School. The project is demonstrated on the territory of the first pavilion at VDNG.

Yulia Kysel at Gogolfest 01

The work is picturing dolls the artist was buying during the previous year at the flea markets. These are old, often broken toys. “You don’t know or you have only an approximate idea about the story behind each of those,” Yulia Kysel says. “You don’t know the arms hugging them and giving names to these Mashas, Katyas and Andreykas, but now the continuation of their infinite story awaits them.”

In her installation, the artist performs a funeral ritual for these old toys, a certain commemoration of the dolls long forgotten by their owners. This symbolic cemetery is, on the one hand, homage to old toys and, on the other, a piece of work on one’s own physiological fears. Through ritual burial the young artist contemplates about her fear of life and death issues and motherhood. "Working with one’s own fears and complexes requires courage," says project curator Viktoria Burlaka. "Only a truly free person is able to pull their soul inside out like this. I think the audience will appreciate this frank gesture."