Fund news


06 October 2017

On October 28, Zenko Foundation art space in Tatariv opens Flash of Today, a project of young artists, graduates of Contemporary Art School. The School is an experimental education project open for everyone interested. Curators and teachers of the School enable the students to express themselves; after the course is completed, promising graduates participate in exhibitions and projects, continuing their development as artists.  

Tandem. Valentyn Chorny and Maria Bondarenko Time Immerses from Time Room series

Tandem, Room of Time

One of the fund tasks is to facilitate professional development of Ukrainian curators, artists and young people willing to do research and work in the field of culture. Flash of Today exhibition will be presented with the support of Zenko Foundation, as the organization deems it necessary to help such projects come to life.

Viktoria Burlaka and Alisa Grishanova, exhibition curators, offered the budding artists to create works dedicated to the issue of time. In the infinitely dense information flow contemporary people inhabit, it is possible to concentrate only on the most relevant things happening here and now. Past and future are erased; only the present moment remains, which is a flash of today.

Olena Lukyanova Childhood 07

Elena Lukyanova, Thirst for Life

“The problem of the present for the young generation of Ukrainian artists remains relevant, because in our society it constantly eludes us and remains under a big question mark,” Viktoria Burlaka says. “Reality is a trauma. It is a trauma of revolutions, of a war, masked by happiness from consuming news. We live in the times of change… that is why we perceive the present mostly through emotions instead of reflections.”

Flash of Today project will feature over 20 young artists, including Yulia Kisel, Anna Royenko, Anton Logov, Elena Lukyanova, Tandem group, Aleksey Burdiy, Anna Miroshnichenko, and others.