Exhibition in Ivano-Frankivsk: Vasyl Tsagolov

01 February 2018

On January 24 CHECH, a new art gallery in Ivano-Frankivsk, opens an exhibition of works from Zenko Foundation collection. The exhibition gathered works of well-known Ukrainian contemporary artists: Arsen Savadov, Oleksandr Roytburd, Vasyl Tsagolov, Oleg Tistol, Maryna Skugareva, Vinni Reunov, and Viktor Sidorenko.

Curator Anatoliy Zvizhynsky:

He is one of the most known Ukrainian artists from the Paris Commune period. Vasyl was born in North Ossetia and studied at Kyiv State Art Institute. For the first time, I saw his paintings at Rubber of Feelings exhibition in Kyiv gallery. Then there were lots of group exhibitions, and also a declarative one entitled I Am Not an Artist Anymore in Andriyivsky uzviz. He paints, takes pictures, makes videos, sells paintings and installations. They say he’s among the most expensive ones…  

Vasyl Tsagolov Ballerina

Vasyl Tsagolov (from the Contemporary Art Almanac "End to End"):

I react to things happening around, in our social and cultural space, and naturally react to something happening in art in general. But I don’t need to respond to social topics or to make something up. The reaction occurs somewhere in the background, indirectly or through irony… I need social background, just like radioactive one. I can choose not to work with it and not to reconstruct it. But I need it. I am not interested in an artist who deals with himself, his inner world, which is all the rage nowadays, his sexuality, his dreams or other bullshit.

For me, the most realistic picture of the world is New York stock exchange with its indexes, movement, rise, and fall… This is what is real now. The reality of movement. This is die-hard realism, the harshest variant. Everything is continually changing in price. And this is the most important.

I like communication, but it should be full of tact, tenderness and excitement. It should be normal. We’ve been living together for ages, and it’s time to treat each other with more love. If it is not like that, I don’t need such communication. This is the only reason why I said so. Who should I talk to if not to my colleagues? This is the same community, and there are 20 people inhabiting it. The rest of the available area is hostile; it is the jungle, dangerous and unpredictable. The artists are infantile and unprotected. For them, all outside world is full of dangers. An artist feels everything more sharply, so this small community of ours is our environment. It is important not to make each other uncomfortable. Fighting this is a waste of time. The farther along we move, the more we feel the disastrous shortage of time, and it becomes all the more valuable.