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22 March 2018

On April 6 in Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Permanent Revolution, a large Ukrainian contemporary art exhibition, is due to open with Zenko Foundation as its co-organizer. This is the first full-scale presentation of Ukrainian contemporary art in European museums, so other art events also became interested in the exhibition as well: the project has been included in Budapest Spring Festival and Budapest Art Week cultural programs.

Budapest Spring Festival

Budapest Spring Festival will start on March 30 and last until April 22; this year the art festival will combine different genres, including opera, contemporary music, jazz, visual arts, photography, theatre, dance, etc. The festival always draws many art aficionados to Budapest, so Permanent Revolution inclusion into the program of Budapest Spring Festival will allow more people to familiarize themselves with Ukrainian contemporary art.

Permanent Revolution exhibition includes the works by key artists of the last 30 years: Arsen Savadov, Vasiliy Tsagolov, Sergey Bratkov, Aleksandr Roytburd, Boris Mikhailov, Oleg Tistol, Nikolay Matsenko, Zhanna Kadyrova, Artem Volokitin, Roman Minin, Stepan Ryabchenko, Nikita Shalenniy, Yevgeniy Nikiforov, and other authors.

Yevgen Nikiforov On Republic's Monuments

The exhibition will stay in Budapest until June 24. Permanent Revolution is also included in the program of Budapest Art Week to take place in the city on April 17-22. During the event, on April 18 assistant curator from Ludwig Museum Viktoria Popovych will deliver a personal guided tour of the exhibition.